Looking for bag charm - chain w/ 3 charms

  1. Oh, you mean the Breloque charms? It was released one or two years ago. It was available in our local H store but was sold out very quickly. My SA told me that everyone is looking for this charm.

    It comes in palladium and ruthenium. I heard there is a gold-plated one too.
  2. Thanks! I saw a ruthenium one in May in Boston but they didn't have palladium and she said they only had ruthenium because someone returned it there even though it wasn't bought at that particular H.

    I wish they would get some in the US. Those who live in the UK are so lucky, since they're on the H UK site.
  3. ^No problem. It's strange that the H stores don't have this charm. Maybe it's just out of stock. The ruthenium was the first one to be released then followed by the palladium.

    Do you have any friends who live in the UK? Maybe can ask his/her help to purchase it for you.
  4. That's really what I need.... someone in the UK I can have H.com UK send the package to.

    A wonderful member here, Tricia, PM'd me and offered to try to find it in Singapore but the one she had seen in her store was no longer there.

    I have a feeling it'll somehow turn up. I do have various friends who travel to the UK now and again and I may be able to have it sent to their hotel, etc. Just not sure when it'll be. That's probably what will end up working!

    Thanks very much for your help!!
  5. it's also on the germany H site if you have some german friends. . .
  6. Thanks, everyone... I contacted my SA and she said she thinks she found it. Her info showed two in the U.S. but those stores aren't open yet. Sooooo, my fingers are crossed. I'll update later on what the result was!!

    Seton, I don't know anyone in Germany. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

    Isn't it a shame that the U.S. seems to be left out of things that other countries get. Waaaaa :crybaby:

    Thanks so much!!
  7. I hope you will get the Breloque charm, KG. It's a beautiful piece and you can also use it as strap extender, which is very cool.

    You know, I always think that the US always get the most of the Hermes items. I use to see more things in the US than in where I live. There are only 4 Hermes stores (inclusive of the small store in the airport) here. Even the main store here can't compare with the one in NYC.
  8. I guess the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side" applies!! LOL!!

    Yes, I was planning to use it as a bag extender on my Evelyne when wearing with winter coats and then on my Kelly that I hope to get in Spring 08.:smile:
  9. I bought it in the summer...hope you find it...it's fun.
  10. Thanks! You know what is weird (and frustrating).... When I called H.com to find out where in the U.S. I could find it, figuring I could give my SA a head start on locating it, he said it was "not an item for the U.S." and there were absolutely zero here.

    So, I just couldn't imagine that and my SA looked it up and found two of them. One is supposed to be on its way to me now. I'll confirm when I get the tracking # on Monday.

    What really made it possible, I think, is that on the UK H site the item number was given. I think it would have been much harder to find without that number.
  11. Great news!!! I hope you get it soon! I am very glad this all worked out for you!
  12. Oh, thanks!!! Guess where it is coming from ..... Hawaii!! :smile:
  13. LOL, so many great scores from here lately....I am always happy to hear this!
  14. KG: It's a good news! I'm so glad you found it!! :upsidedown: