Looking For Authentic Kooba Bag/good Deal...ebay Or Elsewhere? Like Ada And Ginger...

  1. I'm in love with Kooba bags. I saw them at NM and Bloomies today. They are so breathtaking. I want to buy one but I would love to only pay between 400-500 for the ADA or Ginger. I am researching them online, but am leery of eBay sellers/fakes. Any suggestions? Also, has anyone bought from wowtag on eBay?
    I love Chloe bags even more, but they are out of my budget!!!
    I also have to take into account that I would be using them for baby necessities as well....any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  2. jcMadison - Search
    Active Endeavors | Shopping --- Kooba
    JC Madison and Active Endeavors are both legit sites (and have Adas on sale). The ladies here are amazingly helpful- I'm sure there are plenty more they'll come up with...Good luck!
    PS. You might want to do a few searches on Kooba- lots of info here...
  3. pinkmascara.com
    I saw some Gingers and Adas for sale on some of those sites. Good luck!
  4. As far as eBay sellers who are 100% authentic, check out...
    I an vouch personally for these.
  5. thanks you guys are all Godsends!!! i just looked up some of those sites and they are on sale!!!
    whoopeee!!! :nuts::yahoo:
  6. ok, that active endeavors site has an ada in terraine, the one i love, for 322.00...should i question that in any way when i look at these other sites and they have them for full price? that is half off!!!!:angel:
  7. active endeavors is reputable...they just have great sales!! that's def. a great price for that bag. there's an mua20 code for 20% off there, but i don't think it's valid on sale items.

    Citizens of Humanity, T-Bags, YA-YA and More at Pink Mascara has a good selection also, and an extra 10% off everything (including sale items) with code 'grechen10.'

    also jcmadison has a 20% off code 'grechen'

    there are tons of places online that sell kooba: Grechens Closet - Kooba

    check them out, and see if you can find a good price somewhere...
    good luck.
  8. I just bought the ADA Kooba bag at active endeavors for 322.50. I am still skeptical about it all, but very excited too!!! Thanks for all your help guys!!!:yahoo:
  9. Gracie's has them on sale...paige, mackenzie, sloane, jessie, plus code TOUTIE gets you an additional 20% off. just go to the website and click on day bags for most, then evening bags for the mackenzie.
  10. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! I can't believe I just got a Mackenzie for 188!!! I have been looking for a deal on this clutch since it came out. I think I got the last one because it doesn't show up anymore.

    Sub-Total: $236.00
    Discount Coupons:TOUTIE: -$47.20
    Shipping: $0.00
    Total: $188.80
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