Looking for Apple Key Chain

  1. Has anyone seen the apple key chain at any of the Hermes stores in the US? Did it come out a long time ago? I can't get my sister to go the the NYC store because I have already sent her there quite a few times for other stuff!
    If anyone happens to see it , I would love to know-I teach 4th grade and I would love to have one for my Kelly!
  2. I did see it in the NYC Madison store about a month ago. I figured they may have ordered a lot...ya know - the "Big Apple"? I could be wrong about that - I'm just guessing - but maybe you could convince her to go in one more time....or just call! I'm sure they would be secretive about a keychain.
  3. Yes, I am pretty sure they do still have them. I'm almost sure they had an orange and a pear recently (I was there Saturday).
    Can't you just call them directly to inquire about it? They'll ship smalls like that--just not bags. Alternately, of course, there's the 800 number (assuming you're in the US which I think you are).