Looking for Apple Green balenciaga

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Nov 24, 2006
Hi Lingtsui!

No one's answered your query (most likely) because there is no buying or selling permitted in this forum. NONE.

For current season colors, you can look at the list of stores carrying B Bags at the top of the threads in the Balenciaga Shopping sub-forum. But for past season colors, the only options are eBay or a consignement shop like Ann's Fabulous Finds or Real Deal Collection (you can google them).

If you find one on eBay and want someone to authenticate it for you, you can post that query in the Authenticate This! tread -- that will keep you from being ripped off.

Mods - I hope answering this question this way wasn't out of bounds. My intention is to not ignore this poster while staying within the rules!

Good luck!
Not open for further replies.