Looking for anything BV in fuschia!

  1. Ok, I've given in to the charm of BV! Pretty much have decided to purchase my first BV in my favorite color, pink! If anyone has more info about this color - how long it's been around, is it permanent, has it been sighted recently, I'd greatly appreciate some tips!

    BV and the BV forum rock, you gals are awesome! :heart:
  2. BV just did some pink in the last two seasons: Quarzo (fuchsia/bubblegum pink but more muted), Poudre (dusty pink that changes color depending on lighting), and Magnolia (light pastel pink with a very slight peach undertone). I'm a fan of Quarzo and Magnolia.

    For the upcoming season, they have a color called the Favorite, which is more of a salmon color. HTH!
  3. Ooh nice, can't wait to see it! Do you know what bags they are making in that color?
  4. The best way is actually call up a Bottega store around your area. From my experience, the SA are usually very nice and helpful. They would be able to tell you the bags that come in the color you desire. If you absolutely want the color of the past seasons, there are two ways to go about it:
    1) call the 2 bottega outlets - from my experience, woodbury carries more stuff.
    2) special order it from Bottega. They keep a swatch of everything they make in the past and you can special order a piece that you desire. I would guess the price might be high-but you can always check w/ a SA in Bottega.

    Good luck finding your piece. Welcome and do come back often! post pics!!
  5. Thanks :smile:

    I just hope they have something in smaller pieces in the fuschia left still...
  6. what are you looking for -- a bag, accessories, shoes? check bluefly -- small quarzo pieces pop up occasionally. also, a few months ago i saw a ball bag in peony (hot pink) at the bv boutique in san francisco. ask for roberto -- he's great!
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  8. I was interested in that option once, and I was told that the price for a SO is only 30% higher than the original one, which is okay, considering the fact the bag is actually made for you on your request!

    Still, new orders won`t be taken until next year and some models are not longer produced, not even on SO :sad:
  9. there is a Quarzo ball bag on bluefly now. grab it when it's still there!
  10. I would love a fuschia one!