Looking for an SS 2010 Black RH City

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  1. Hi all - can someone please direct me to a store with an SS 2010 Black RH City?? It should have the letter P on the tag.... thanks!!
  2. I'm hoping someone has seen a 2010 RH black city before I start calling all the dept stores and harassing the SAs to check the metal tags for a P on it - preferably someone in the US. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi Pinkalicious,

    I just received my 2010 RH black City from Bal Cannes. Yes, it has a P on the tag and it is gorgeous. Perhaps you can try contacting Cynthia or Sebastian from Bal Cannes. They are super helpful, a delight to deal with.

    Hope you find yours soon!

  4. I just got mine last week... (Black city bbag, SS2010) Unfortunately, not in the States but in Canada. I know that Holt Renfrew carries it! Good luck!!
  5. try Aloha rag?