Looking for an oval clutch

  1. I am looking for an oval clutch and would love something in red, but dont think I will find it. A second option would be something a little more out of the ordinary than white or black, though I would consider a black one.

    I would appreciate any help in locating one.

  2. They had a truffle one@Neiman's in SF. I bought a greige one there last weekend. Good luck!
  3. they had a truffle one at BalNY a week ago too
  4. both of those are likely the ones I returned:

  5. wow, I love truffle. But I see it as more of a casual color, maybe because it has that vintage look. Since I wanted the clutch as more of an evening bag I'm not sure that it would look dreessy enough, even though my evenings are not all that dressy. But I want something that will go with everything and allow me to dress it up if I need to. Any opinions?​

  6. That is sort of why I returned it...

    I believe the Pochette is still being made: maybe find one in Tomato?!?! :yes:
  7. Sorry I'm sure I should know this, but I get confused with all the names, especially for the accessories which are not talked about as often in the forum. Can you tell me which is the one you refer to. Tomato would definitely be the color I am looking for in an evening type bag:tup:
  8. i think I just found it. Does it look kind of like a wallet only bigger. I think this is ICBs picture posted in the other thread.
  9. LORRMICH...

    yep, that's the POCHETTE (it's fairly big - same size as the Oval)...

    Balenciaga NY is ordering it for the Fall/Winter season so definitely give them a call ASAP as they only order 1-2 quantities of each color (if that).

  10. what about in violet. Do I stand a chance. Do you think it would be too much. Or what about the clutch with the Giant Hardware. I think it had a flap.
  11. did they have the ovals on the floor, because i was there last week and didn't see any ovals...:confused1:
  12. Call Balenciaga Paris - they had a rouille one when I bought mine. Its "almost" red.
  13. The Rouille at BalParis is gone :crybaby:

    As for the two ovals I returned to NM SF, ask for Peggy. She was the one who processed the returns, and she is very knowledgable about Balenciaga :tup:
  14. No, they weren't out on the floor. I asked a nice SA about them and she brought them out.