Looking for an older style?

  1. Do you know where I can find a satchel. This bag has a pocket on each side of the bag and zips down the middle. I would like it in rust, washed rose, berry (purplish) or red. Second choice would be a venetia in washed rose or bordeaux. But if you find a good deal let me know no matter what color.

    Who do you recommend that are reputable ebay sellers.
  2. Some of the pics from the auction:

  3. That is a great looking bag. The one I am thinking about has the same type of pockets on the side of the bag like the multipocket not in front. The style is similar but it only has one zipper closure.
  4. ^ The style in the listing is Pocket Satchel.
    Venetia came in Washed Rose, it might be available at some MJ stores. Everyone likes different styles and colors, I don't like brown and green. LOL.
  5. I've been checking ebay for one, I haven't seen any washed rose bags lately, other than a Venetia that sold a little while back. I think chloe.clementine was eyeing it too... I'll keep you posted if I see one!