Looking For an LV model to use as makeup purse for bigger LV's

  1. Does anyone place their lippy; sprays; compacts etc into a smaller LV to accompany the bigger ones? tee hee.
    I'm tired now of fossicking (ha!!) through my Alma. I would image a Speedy might be worse.

    I came up with an initiative to actually buy the same lippy; parfume; combs; sprays; makeup etc and place them in ALL my LV bags. This saved time swapping the contents over in the morning from yesterdays bag to today's flavour; but I think I need make up bags for them!:tup:

    What model should I aim for? TIA:yahoo:
  2. There are quite a few different styles to choose from, it depends which size and shape would work best for you.

    Poche toilette 19
    Pochette cosmetique
    Mini pochette accessories
    regular size Pochette accessories
  3. I use the mini pochette in my bags.
  4. I like the Mini Papillon.. I think it would make a perfect little makeup bag, as it would be long enough to take longer brushes or lipgloss pens.
  5. Thanks for everything!:tup:
    I have spent the whole day studying this new world!!

    Now, I'm stuck deciding on what range :confused1:

    C'est La Vie!
  6. Pochette Accessoires, Mini Pochette, Mini Papillon...anything mini basically! :nuts:

    The Mini Sac HL is good too.
  7. LVoe the Antigua pochette with the Inventeur plate.
  8. I use the mono pouchette to store all my items like tissues, makeup etc that I carry in each bag. Then I just have to grab the pouchette and put it in my next bag.
    If I am away and just want a small bag I just remove the makeup etc from the pouchette and use it as a clutch.:tup: