Looking for an ink bag

  1. Hi all,
    I am new to the forum but an avid purse lover! So far I have 3 hobo bags (navy, brown, black), one purse (black), one first(white). I am a mom of two and find that I always wear my hobos because they are so practical. I have actually never worn my purse bag although I have had it for a year! The white one was a whim buy and I am thinking of putting that one on e-bay. Beautiful but too impractical for me.
    My question is this, I would really love an ink bag (almost bought your medium, Tori) but don't know which to get? Should I get yet another hobo or should I go for the medium? I love the medium shape and size but would probably have to wear with the shoulder strap instead of handheld...I need both my hands free to grab little hands...
    What do you all think? Also, my first white is in gorgeous shape, only worn a couple times--any ideas on a good start price for e-bay? Thanks all!
  2. maybe get the ink city since you don't have that one yet...but whatever you choose, the ink rocks in any style :rochard:
  3. I agree with odd. Get an Ink City. I think BalNy still has them. There was one up on Ebay before(a PFer), but I am not sure if the auction ended already.
  4. i think that auction ended... and i think most of the ink cities are gone now too. but call around!

    i have an ink hobo. and i LOVE it! i vote for the hobo!
  5. ink shrug!!!!!!! hobo-ish but different from the day!
  6. ...I need both my hands free to grab little hands...
    What do you all think? And is there anyone that is thinking of selling their ink bag? Also, my first white is in gorgeous shape, only worn a couple times--any ideas on a good start price for e-bay? Thanks all![/quote]

    Hi guys..not to play party pooper here but shouldnt we be advising newbies NOT to solicit sales or purchases through the forum??

    no offence Mac, but recently members have been advised not to ask for anyone selleing or offering their own bags for slae via the forum..

    check out the terms of membership for further info.

    cheers and a big happy hello:flowers:
  7. im also thinking of getting a ink bag, maybe a purse!! its such a beautiful color , get it before its gone!!!
  8. Hi Mrsmac--
    OOps--didn't realize I was breaking the rules by asking if anyone had an ink! Won't happen again--promise!
  9. sorry to be the bearer of bad news gals, but when i was @ the nyc store fridday, they told me all the inks were totally sold out :sad:
  10. macp6 - theres an INK twiggy up for grabs on eBay... it looks really YUMMY!
  11. thanks for the heads up. I will take a look!
  12. You will love ink! I have hte ink city and it is by far one of my most favorite bags! And the twiggy would be fabulous too! Will keep my eyes open for you on ebay!
  13. Just nabbed an ink city on e-bay...Thank you all!! Yay!!!!My first city bag!! Right now I only own hobos (in several colors), a black purse and a white first. Is that too many?
    Uggh, now I want a rich looking burgandy bag for the fall. what should I get if I stray from balenciaga? Suggestions please!!
  14. Yay yay! Congrats, macp6!!! :smile: An Ink City is hard to find nowadays--I'm so glad you were able to get one! You're going to love it! Look forward to seeing pics when you get it! :smile: As for a rich looking burgandy bag, maybe take a peek at the upcoming Grenat color in a City? I don't know about any other hand's free option in another brand, though. I know Chloe makes a beautiful burgundy ish color, but I can't think of a size for you. Hayden Harnett also makes great big hands free hobos. The Havana Hobo in Mulberry maybe? Here's a link:


    It's not really burgandy, it's more a purple undertoned wine color, but it's beautiful nonetheless. :smile: That's only if you decide to stray from Bbags(*gasp*!) lol.
  15. thanks for the recommendations, pupster !!
    So glad I found this blog. Everyone has been so helpful!:smile: