Looking for an eyeliner that actually stays put

  1. I really, really need an absolute, no smudge black pencil eyeliner for work. I work in humid conditions.

    I've tried only a few, like Rimmel which is by far the worst i've used. It glides on great, but it smudges an hour into my shift. I've also tried a Maybelline one that wasn't so forgiving either.

    Hopefully on the cheap side too, i'm a poor uni student saving up for a Botkier Sasha.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. I absolutely need to use Urban Decay Potion Primer to keep any and all eye make-up from smudging and disappearing. It really does work miracles for me. I like to use a brown shade eye shaddow as my liner. When I use the primer both eye liner and shaddows don't move one bit and I think the color shows better. I highly recommend it!! I think it is $14 for a tube and you only need a little bit so it lasts awhile.

    Hope you find something that will work for you!!
  3. does anyone tried the gel eyeliner? I know Bobbi Brown and MAC have it in different colors.
  4. it's not a pencil, but the dior liquid eyeliner pen stays in place really, really well.
  5. Fluid-line By Mac... Brilliant :tup:
  6. MAC paint is a wonderful base as well, I use canvas, and all powders stay on.
  7. I use Urban Decay primer potion on my lids and then I apply MAC Technakohl liner in black. I really like the technakohl because it doesn't smudge or come off and it goes on really smooth. If I don't take it off with makeup remover it stays on for days.
  8. It's not a pencil, but MAC Fluidline is fantastic.
  9. If you really want an eyeliner that doesn't smudge or melt off in humid weather, I highly suggest going with a liquid liner. I use waterproof eyeliner by Make Up For Ever, or the Very Long-Lasting Pinceau by Bourjois (both found at Sephora). They work great! No ugly smudges, even when the rest of my face is melting off. The other eyeliner I used for a couple of years that's not waterproof, but is pretty smudge-proof/run-proof is Chanel's Automatic Liquid Eyeliner.
  10. the bobbi brown gel liner rocks!!! as far as pencils go... the urban decay 24/7 are awesome!
  11. urban decay 24/7 is what i use... and i have to use eye-makeup remover to get it out too. love the stuff!

  12. yes yes and YES
  13. Ditto!!
  14. I agree!
  15. Do liquid liners look very dramatic? I'm thinking Audrey Hepburn eyes here, and I don't think I could show up to work looking like that. I work in a coffee shop as a simple barista :smile:.

    I'm guessing the Primer keeps everything on? In that case, I might get more value for money with that one.

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.