Looking for an evening bag


Looking for an evening bag

  1. Black lambskin e/w in new chain

  2. Grey lambskin e/w in new chain

  3. Dark silver reissue in 225 size

  4. Dark silver reissue in wallet on chain

  5. Blk lambskin wallet on chain

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I want to get y'alls opinion. I am looking for an evening bag and/or a bag to run to the supermarket so I don't need to carry a lot of stuff. Something that would work day to night, but more for night. These are my choices:

    1) black lambskin e/w with new chain

    2) grey lambskin e/w with new chain

    3) Dark silver metalic 2.55 reissue in 2.25 size

    4) Dark silver metallic reissue wallet on a chain

    5) Blk lambskin wallet in a chain

    Thanks and all opinions appreciated!
  2. Depending on your wardrobe, I would go with their the black or the grey e/w. If it were me, I'd get the grey.
  3. I think the black lambskin with new chain transitions well between day and night.
  4. I voted black east west for versatility but if black timeless clutch was on the poll, I'd definitely vote for that!
  5. I went for the dark silver reissue 225 - perfect colour, size and style IMO!
  6. I voted for the DS reissue in the 225 size.
  7. I vote for the DS reissue as well :tup:
  8. Dark silver reissue. :yes: