Looking for an Epi Myrtille Alma ~~ If anyone see’s one can you please let me know!

  1. If anyone happens to see a Myrtille epi alma – can you please let me know?
    I call the 1 866 vuitton number today and they told me there are not any at all.:crybaby::crybaby:
    I wish I would not have waited so long and should have bought one when I had more than the chance too.
    My 2nd choice would be a Myrtille Jasmin.

  2. Try a search on eBay. I think I remember seeing one not too long ago. There are not any at the moment. You can also post to "want it now" on eBay. That is a great color, good luck!
  3. Thank Dell!
    I guess I'll have to brave eBay :O
    I was kind of hoping there may be some stashed at a Saks or back closet of a boutique somewhere...
    I would be great to run across a hidden find like our member who found some mandarin epi
  4. Good luck, I have had that on my fav searches on Ebay for a while now! :sad: