Looking for an elegant but functional bag - suggestions?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently on the quest for something elegant but functional. Am looking for something in black, not too much flashy hardware or anything with logos. Would love something big enough to be functional during the day (wallet, phone, makeup pouch, planner) but still be classy enough for an evening dinner (so, no large totes or work satchels).

    From what I own, I LOVE my chanel small flap bag but it's too small and I really don't like the look of the larger sizes (or any of chanel's larger bags, for that matter). Also love my Bal city but I'm looking for something a little more neutral and less trendy/edgy.

    For reference, I'm in my early 20s, 5'5" and ~ 130 lbs. Thanks for the help!!
  2. Do you like hobo? How about Bottega Veneta? Logo-free and classic. I got myself a simple medium veneta which is enough to fit the things you use for the day. If not, Chloe Marcie is also a good choice, very elegant and functional.
  3. chloe paraty!
  4. what about something Marc Jacobs?
  5. Any of the Coach Sabrina bags..
  6. Another one to consider would be the YSL Easy...if you get the small size in black (maybe patent??) you can take it to dinner, and for day you can unclasp the sides and it becomes a tote. I have the larger size and love it- perfect bag :smile:
  7. BV - I thought BV was a little too mature for my age/taste. Thoughts on younger girls carrying BV?

    Chloe - I keep hearing people say Chloe bags are heavy. I have a bad shoulder so something lighter would be great!

    Lanvin Amelia - Hmmm don't know how I feel about the chain strap and patent detailing...

    Coach - I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more Coach!

    YSL - my favorite of the suggestions so far but a little too geometric?

    AHHH sorry for being SO PICKY!
  8. LV-epi alma
  9. Need to be something I can wear on my shoulder (the Alma is beautiful, though)
  10. something from Cole Haan
  11. Do you care if this bag is premium or contemporary designer? Also what kind of shape do you prefer?

    The PS1 is a good option in the medium size or perhaps the Mulberry Alexa?
  12. Someone also suggested MJ. I think that is a wonderful choice...young yet still classic. Perhaps the Stella or Garbo? hhhmmm, I know there are many other MJ's but those are the bags coming to mind.