Looking for an EastWest in White Caviar Silver Hardware at Saks

  1. I've been calling Saks to find a White EastWest before the price hike, but most stores are saying they only have double straps now and I think the price for it is now $1395? Has anyone seen a single strap at any Saks location? Thanks so muchh!! It'll be my first (and only, for awhile)! :heart:
  2. Additionally, any help with the terminology/dimensions/etc would be great too! I'm having difficulty with identifying which bag it is that I want exactly as they don't refer to it as the East West! Thanks :yes:
  3. SAs call east/west bags "pouchette". The price is $1050.
  4. Would you like to try NM? I know that NM still has this particular style in white, black, and a few other colors in caviar.
  5. thanks for your help ladies! i actually ended up getting a black one from Saks in denver. it will be here wednesday :love: