Looking for an E/W flap in a color, any color

  1. Any help appreciated, I will send major positive karma your way :p

    Thanks so much! ;) ;)
  2. Oops, double post.
  3. Hmm... well what kind? :p NM at the Westchester mall (914-428-2000) had several as of tonight... a red/orange perforated E/W, a blue fonce lambskin E/W, a coral lambskin E/W, a red lambskin E/W (not the new red, I think it's the fall '06 red), and I'm not sure which others! Hope you find what you are looking for! :smile:
  4. fieryfashionist, what is exactly a blue fonce lambskin??:shame: TIA!
  5. Hi holycow! :smile: Hmm, well I can't find a picture (maybe if you do a search, or check the Reference Library), I know someone posted a picture of a blue fonce flap they purchased... the color is like a grey blue, it's a pretty, neutral color. HTH! :smile:
  6. I'm still new and never knew all the chanel bags had these names. I will check the Reference Library, I've never been there! Thanks so much!:smile:
  7. I noticed, welcome to tPF! :smile: It's very addictive haha... and the Reference Library is great, you can find tons of information there! Have fun browsing! :p

  8. Thanks fieryfashionist, you're an angel!

    :drool: - Coral, blue and red! I wonder if they will send pictures? I am buying my very first Chanel, it is like a dream, and I really want to make a good decision. I do like bright colors. I don't know anything about the colors, I wonder if I can find a purple anywhere?

    Hi! Here is a pic of the E/W in the perforated leather. It's similar to the classic flap, but is slightly shorter in height.

  9. Also, would leather would you guys recommend in the E/W style, caviar or lambskin? I am 26 and have a very casual wardrobe, living in L.A.
  10. ^ i would recommend it in caviar sprial! the lambskin seems more formal whereas the caviar can be both
  11. Spiralsnowman, I put an E/W flap in green perforated on hold and am thinking to buy that.. (do you think it's a bad idea to buy a perforated one? Most of people think so..:sweatdrop: )
    If you're more casual, I think you should def. get a caviar than the lambskin! :smile:

    When I talked to my Chanel SA at Nordstrom, she told me Nordstrom didn't buy E/W in any of the colors, just beige and black..
  12. Jen, I am thinking you are right. As it is my first one, I want to remember it and thus I would like for it to last for a long time, and I hear caviar is more durable. Yay for durability! :p

    Holycow, is this your first one too? How fun, we can obsess over it together then, lol. :p I did see the green perforated at either NM or Saks, I forget which, and it is truly one of the most gorgeous bags I've ever seen. In terms of looks, you won't be disappointed.

    I was considering getting it too, but my fear is whether the perforated will be a permanent thing. If not, there is a risk that it will not look as "current" as the regular (what is meant is, you can't tell what year it is from, since the plain leather one comes out every year). Hope I am making sense...
  13. Charlotte NM has a cornflower blue (not the official name) and a black one. 704-442-7900