Looking for an agenda, please help


Jan 19, 2006
Ok, I need a little help. :smile: I'd like to replace my wallet with an agenda. One that's large enough to hold my credit cards, i.d., and checkbook, and still have a datebook and address book. The biggest thing is, that I don't want it to be huge. I'd love to find one that would fit in most of my bags. It doesn't have to be any particular brand, just well made, and meet the criteria. Is there one out there?
the most agenda options that you'll find are probably from Louis Vuitton and possibly Hermes, although i can't think of an agenda off the top of my head that holds a checkbook.
I have the medium sized agenda by LV. To me, it's the perfect size. It fits nicely inside all of my bags except one (Gucci clutch). It has slots on the left for credit cards and i.d. I purchased all of my refills at Vuitton but you can also purchase generic refills if you want to. It has a pen loop, but there is no area for a checkbook. Mine is really thick right now because I have a ton of stuff in it which makes it pretty heavy. I love it though! It will last forever and coordinates well with my other LV accessories! You can't go wrong with LV.
I'd definitely recommend a Filofax...i've got a Filofax Cross and its the perfect all-rounder, plus it's real leather so should last you a while. You can get them in mini size, i've got the full size one and it easily fits a cheque book in, plus cards etc. :P :biggrin:
I've used the same leather Kate Spade agenda for the past four years, and I absolutely love it. It's very well made, and still looks brand new. Plus the inserts are really cute.
Yeah! I always went to WHSmith for mine...i figured for the amount i was spending on replacing them every year, i just as well get one that's gonna last me a looooooong time, now i just need to replace the diary inserts once a year :biggrin: