Looking for an 05 Olive City

  1. I'm looking for my very 1st Bbag. After spending days combing thru information on this website, I've decided on the 2005 Olive City Bag. The pictures of the Khaki bag looks more brown than green - same for the Origan. Not sure if that is really true or just my monitor. Maybe someone has some advice in that area.
    Anyway, I can afford one now (who knows if that will be true next week :p) .
    I've been looking on eBay, Real Deal, Bluefly. Most everywhere else I've looked is fake. Not interested in fake.
    Any suggestions for me on where else to hunt or if you know of one that is available?
    I've never actually seen one of these bags, but I'm very hot for one. Is that weird?
    Thanks much in advance,
    Kay in Minneapolis
  2. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    The places you listed would probably be the best bet for this bag. You can also try annsfabulousfinds.

    Please note that there is NO buying or selling on tPF unless you have been approved for the Marketplaza. That includes soliciting other members.
  3. I think there is an 05 olive work on eBay! Hope this helps:tup:
  4. That was not my intention, but I can see how you thought that based on how I worded my post. Thanks for the additional site. Wish me luck.
    Kay in Minneapolis

  5. I saw that one, but the City is a better size for what I want. Thanks though.