Looking for amore zucca

  1. :crybaby: I tried calling pulse, but they are completely out of amore and they wont receive anymore from lesportsac. Im dying for an amore zucca. Can anyone please help direct me to where I can find it (aside from eBay-its waay to overpriced.) TIA!
  2. i've really no clue where u can find an amore zucca o.o sorry!
  3. Aww, thanks bubblesung! I saw your collection of Amores, I declare you "Amore Queen!" hahah
  4. A lot of us are looking.....
  5. Sorry, I don't know anywhere either. I guess just keep going to eBay and keep checking...unless someone wants to sell theirs.
  6. Swet2lips: there is someone on the yahoo group that wanna sell her amore zucca. I already pm you her email add. Good Luck in getting it off her.
  7. I know that japanla got in a second shipment but they wont chargesend. Maybe a nice person on here that lives in the LA area will pick one up for you.
  8. I called JapanLA last night and ordered an Amore Bambino, so I think they are still doing chargesends. Or maybe I just got lucky. It might be worth a phone call to ask though.:shrugs:
  9. WTF? She is sending bags out?!?!?!??!?!?
  10. angelic: eee amore bambino! what characters did u get on it?

    swtest2lips: i'd be happy to pick up an amore zucca for you at japanla if i see it...not going till this saturday though so who knows if they even have one left
  11. Thanks Angelic Ruin! Ohhh, that sounds really good! thanks ladies! Ill call japanla tomorrow morning! How much did jamie charge you for shipping and tax? Its like 9% here, hopefully, its cheaper there!
  12. Thanks, Juli, I'd emailed her before about a swap, but she didnt get back to me, Ill go check out the yahoo group!
  13. Hmmm...I emailed her just now for it...well I hope one of us gets it :smile:
  14. Thanks Bubblesung! Ill let you know if I can chargesend it from jamie to save you the trouble, but if she doesnt, Ill paypal you the money plus fees and shipping and all that! Thank you so much!
  15. np ^^ keep me updated yeah?! i hope u get it!