Looking for **ALL WEATHER** BAG??!!

  1. Im looking for something that I can use in the rain/snow also. Everything I have, I have to worry about the vachetta. I am thinking something from the damier line. Anyone know how the black denim will hold up in rain?

    Suggestions needed please!!

    This is my collection so far: ​
  2. I think your best bet would be something from the Damier line. I don't think Denim would hold up in rain or snow. I don't own anything from the Denim line so I can't say for sure, but I think coated canvas would be better.
  3. Epi or damier bag! They're all-weather, low maintenance, fuss-free bags....
  4. What about something from the Epi line?
  5. May be Damier or Epi ?
  6. Damier saleya or speedy
  7. I heard that the Epi line scratches easily? Is that true?
  8. Epi is low maintenance so no need to take "extra care" but it will definitely scratch if you bang the bag around or drag it thru the ground :tdown:
  9. I vote for something damier... you can do a damier speedy if you love speedies
  10. Definatly Damier, now its just a matter of which one ;)
  11. Damier Duomo! :nuts:

    or Damier Papillon 30
  12. I just bought a damier speedy 30 and it seems perfect for the winter weather-even the handles are dark so no worries there!
  13. Either the Damier Saleya or Speedy
  14. It POURED here yesterday and I carried my Damier Speedy 30 and she was just fine! (But, I also could have carried my Epi Petit Noe and she would have been fine, too.:yes:)
  15. When the weather is really horrible here, I carry my damier speedy 30 or my black epi alma and I have no worries at all.