Looking for advice on elliptical trainers!

  1. Hi everyone -
    DH and I are looking at buying an elliptical trainer. We tried a Horizon elite, which has the fly-wheel in the front, is small enough to fit comfortably into the spare bedroom; it has a 2 yr warranty. It gave a pretty smooth ride. We also looked at one of the lower end Precors, which costs twice as much as the Horizon, but it's larger. Supposedly it gives the true elliptical motion, and it has a 10yr warranty, and it's harder to break. I think DH's only problem with the Precor is that he thinks it is too big to fit into the spare bedroom - yet he won't measure (the bonehead). My feeling is "buy the best and cry once."

    Do any of you own either of these brands? Any advice on which one to buy? Are they different in terms of the workout that you get?

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. This is ironic, but as I'm typing this, my DH is in the basement with the delivery men. They're setting up our new elliptical trainer. We got the Octane brand. It's super smooth and we liked it best of the ones we looked into.
  3. Does anyone have any workout tips? I do the two "programs" on mine, but I was wondering if there's a way to be more efficient.
  4. Until we ordered ours last week I didn't even know what an elliptical machine was! LOL! Since ours got delivered today, my DH has been reading the instruction booklet. If we come up with something that seems interesting or innovative, I'll let you know. I am very anxious to try it. I only tested it out in the store. He knows a lot about them, though.
  5. Dh and I are looking into getting an elliptical trainer, too. Please let us know how you like this. Thank you.
  6. We ended up getting the smallest model of the precor. I measured our space, and this model is 75 inches long - so it fits. DH called me and told me that he bought the Horizon, and was going to go pick it up this afternoon. But I got to the store a few minutes before he did, and persuaded him to try the Precor. It really has an easier glide - not being a writer, that's the only way I can think of to describe it. I'm happy we got it, but darnit - I had to pay the difference, there goes my Hermes fund, again!
  7. Good for you! I'm glad you got it! I'm sorry about your Hermes fund, though. I know how that goes. I've been saving for an LV Epi Montaigne forever. Then something else comes up that I just have to have!

    I tried our new elliptical trainer for the first time today, and oh my goodness. That was a workout!

    Hope you enjoy yours too!:yes:
  8. About how much do elliptical trainers go for these days? Brand new or used?
  9. We bought an Octane from Fitness Resource and it was about $3,800 plus $175 for delivery and set-up.
  10. i got a schwinn elliptical for about $700 on Amazon, consumer reports said it was the best in its price range and i think its awesome, comparable to gym quality precors, and lifestyle brands. LOVE IT!
  11. I just got an elliptical too, I'll have to get back to this thread with the brand name and what I think of it once I get a chance to try it :flowers:
  12. I'll be waiting :popcorn:
  13. I guess you'll be waiting for a while; apparently it's a Christmas gift so wont be able to try it until then* :rolleyes:

    (*but on the other hand, that means I wont have to pay for it either :graucho:)
  14. So, I finally got to try my elliptical. First of all, a word of advice; get someone to set it up for you (unless you actually enjoy putting things together, I know I don't! :p) By the time we finished setting it up, I was so tired that I didn't really have much energy left to try it, plus I was wearing ballerina flats which weren't the optimal exercise footwear, but I did use it for a few minutes and it was fun and exhausting. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to try out the different programs etc. tomorrow, as it was today I didn't really notice much difference between them (but that might just be because I only tried each one for a minute or two each :p)