Looking for Advice... First bag out of college.

  1. Hello all!
    Just starting out in the working world and am also taking courses in grad school and am looking for my first "real bag" that isn't a jansport or LLBean (not that there's anything wrong w. them...)

    I'd like it to be large (big enough to carry school books, folders, etc.) with a double strap: shorter one to carry on my arm/ short shoulder, longer one to carry long shoulder or cross body. (Kind of like the Balenciaga First, City, or Work. A couple other styles have this as well.-- Am I making sense?)

    Anyway, would appreciate any suggestions...

  2. do you have price range?
    as you mention it, i love balenciaga, i own few of them and totally love it!
    it's perfet for going to school, work, or even for more formal places.
    if you have the budget, go for it! :P

    i also like joy gryson bag or kooba paige
  3. Prada has a terrific gauffre messenger bag.
  4. You guys are the greatest...

    seahorseinstripes- Price range is about $200-$500...

    lulilu- I'll have to check out the Prada

    Passerby- Oh.My.Word. They're both BEAUTIFUL!!! (and right in my price range, you psychic, you!) I'd never heard of Renato Minelli before, but it's perfect. If I end up getting either of them, I think you should get comission.


    The only brand I kinda want to stay away from is Coach. Not that I have anything against them (mom's a big fan) but it just seems like everyone buys a black Coach.

    Thanks again!

    P.S.- Anyone know of any black leather w. nickel/silver hardware? it seems like I'm only seeing black w. brass. It's not a deal breaker, I'm just wondering....

  5. Style_Baby, I'm actually just a bag browser, not a buyer :smile: Silver hardware, eh?

    * goes off on online search again *
  6. Can't go wrong with longchamp! Or check out the coach beaded totes!
  7. Aarti- I forgot about Longchamp. Adding them to my google list...

    Passerby- *confesses* I actually graduated from college two years ago and have been looking for my "graduation" bag ever since. I've looked all over but just haven't found the exactly right thing. Have been making do w. an old gap canvas sling for work stuff. I'm definitely more of an admirer than a buyer myself and it takes me ages to make up my mind. I love to drool, though.
    Don't need to carry a laptop. More of a low tech kinda girl. That Nadia ANI is beautiful, but again, never heard of 'em. (I actually like that a lot...) Beautiful silver as well!

  8. Style_Baby, I hadn't heard of many of the bag designers on here until a year ago, myself :smile: Am a fabric bag person actually ...

    Good luck with your search!