Looking for a Zurich city tour lasting 2-3 hrs tops.. any recommendations?

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  1. My family is coming to visit me in France and they will arrive in the Zurich airport and want to do a quick tour of the city so they could possibly come back and explore the city for things they find interesting before their return flight.

    Any recommendations on the best tour? There are so many!
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't even do a tour. The central part of town is easy accessible from the train station. If you get a map, you can walk straight out of the station and down Bahnhofstrasse, over the river to the Niederdorf (passing the Fraumunster Church and the Grossmunster Cathedral), through the Niederdorf (which is pretty nice) and back to the station in that amount of time. You get so see buildings, the lake, shopping, and some of the historical stuff at the same time. The museum also isn't too far away if you want to go past it, but I really think the suggested route is a good one that gives you a feel for the city.

    It's my favorite city! Good luck! (My best friend lives there, so I go often)
  3. I'm going to Zurich for the first time next month so I'm also researching things to do/see while I'm there. I'll be there for 3 days I think before heading off to Germany so in addition to things in central Zurich I'm looking for things to do in the region. I hope your family enjoys Zurich PixieGirl!
  4. I'd go the route that Seresy suggested, but once you come to Grossmünster church, go inside pay the 2fr fee and go to the top of the tower- the view is amazing.;) Fraumünster church has beautiful stain glass widows.

    Also definitely hit up Sprüngli either on Bahnhofstr. or in the train station for chocolates.:graucho: