looking for a YSL Muse in Violet

  1. hi! i'm new here so i'm sorry if this thread does not go into the YSL forum for some reason but i think it will.

    i only recently saw a violet muse in raffaelo network but i couldn't use my Philippine-issued card for it. i am based here in manila. i found one in styledrops.com but the photo shown looked more like burgundy from '06.

    does anyone know if there is any website that still carries the violet in any size? i'm desperate for this color! :sad:
  2. Maybe www.bluefly.com??
  3. there is one on bluefly this morning - OS
    good luck!
  4. Not saw the Muse on bluefly yet, I can only see the Double Sac.
    The only Muse they have is black.:confused1:
    I'll keep looking.
  5. Yeah, I didn't see it either...
  6. The last time I saw the eggplant muse was in the Las Vegas YSL boutique (inside the Bellagio) back in July. SA's are usually good at tracking them down =)
  7. Try calling the YSL boutique nearest you to check, then ask them to track one down. If it's out there, a good SA will find it... good luck!
  8. Not on a website but I saw a violet OS Muse at the YSL boutique on Canton Road in Hong Kong maybe 3 or 4 days ago. I think they also had a large.
  9. i bought one yesterday at the YSL store in NY on 57th Street, i would give them a call. I think they had one more left. GL!