Looking for a yellow/mustard color bag

  1. Hi all..I'm looking for a yellow/mustard color bag...I've seen a couple but these are my criteria:
    roomy enough for some diapers/baby stuff (not too big, doesn't have to be a "diaper bag")

    satchel type that i can put over my shoulder too (but open to other styles)

    within the 100-400 dollar range

    i saw a few: gap has a new leather line, satchel/hobo that might work but i want something a little funkier
    i saw a havana hobo at hayden harnett but i just got a mercer clutch and want to try a different designer
    luna boston has one from chinese laundry but it's pvc, and i'd prefer leather

    any other bags that anyone knows of? thanks!!!!
  2. Check out Anthropologie.com. They have a mustard color bag just like you describe. The price is great too: 198.00 I bought the bag in blue, and I like it a lot!!! Very nice for the price.
  3. thanks so much i'll check it out!!!! good price too!
  4. Do you live anywhere near Brooklyn? Kristin Aronsson is a new designer, haven't read comments on the quality of the leather.

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  6. thanks for everyone's help...i have to compare all of them and then make a decision.... i keep picturing a satchel in my mind, but i am open to all these here..i have to look at the sizes and styles again...
  7. this one is my fav so far...
    the only thing is i'm shying away from studs because i recently bought a kooba ada and then another no name with a bunch of studs on it...
    but this might be the one nonetheless! thanks again! it's beautiful....
  8. Judy, those totes are TDF!!! Gorgeous colors. I love the rhubarb. Congratulations on a beautiful line.

  9. I love your wallets. :heart:

    Although I love wallets with hardwear to use on their own, I like plain and simple wallets for inside bags.

    Sorry, off-topic, I know! :shame:
  10. diamondgirl1, i loove the tano hot flash bag and the miss understood bag, neither in yellows though, wah!
    there is a nice variety that everyone has given me!
  11. Thank you for your kind words, Cobalt Blu...
  12. Thank you Chloehandbags... Maybe off topic, but with a baby to feed and clothe wallets are very, very important. You are going to be using it alot!
    The downer is they are going to be empty for a couple of decades. But at least with a nice one you can always pretend. Glad you like them :smile: