Looking for a wristlet


Aug 30, 2008
Kansas City, MO
I, recently, lost my Coach wristlet. This is one of the first coach items I have owned and I loved it and would like to get a replacement, but it was out last summer and I can't find it anywhere. It is the Chelsea, Optic Signature Wristlet in khaki and camel coloring. The item number is 40628. Any suggestions where I may be able to find this?

zuzu maxx

Anonymous Bag Lady
Sep 5, 2007
San Francisco Bay Area
That's too bad you lost it! You can set up a notification on eBay to be emailed whenever one is listed. It makes life easier. Just don't make it too complicated by adding too much detail. Just put something like Optic Wristlet then you will be notified whenever one comes up for sale and you can then check if it is the color you want.

You might also email some of the larger Coach resellers on eBay because they may have one in stock that just isn't listed.

Lastly, have you tried any of the outlet stores?

Good luck finding your replacement!