Looking for a workhorse work and weekend bag

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  1. I am interested in chanel. I want a bag I can take to work and carry on weekends too. Large enough to fit small makeup bag and small water bottle but small enough to not be annoying or look weird on my petite 5'4 frame.

    I prefer a bag with a zipper or at least a zip compartment and something I dont have to baby in either black, grey, or beige.

    Does this exist? I am not even sure chanel makes any bags with zippers. Thanks!
  2. How about the Gabrielle? It has zip top and comes in different sizes. I don't have it but people in this forum love the bag. There's also a couple of totes out with zip top that are gorgeous and could be your workhorse.
  3. I use my mini urban spirit backpack for this purpose. The small would fit all you need