Looking for a white Le Fabuleux

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  1. Hi people,

    I have dreamt of an LV Le Fabuleux in white for years now.. finally I get DH to move on it, & it's discontinued :sad:

    DH is coming to SanFancisco area mid-Feb; anyone know anyone at the LV store who can help find one for me?

    We don't live in the US, so I don't think I can get such a chance for a long time.

    Please can someone help?

  2. You can call the 800# to see if they can locate one for you, or check out eBay.

    Good Luck! Happy shopping!
  3. Thank you him8nce_momma69..

    I did exactly that (it's 1-866-VUITTON, actually), tracked down one of 3 bags in the US, & got it reserved.. Someone up there must love me, coz the bag was lying in an LV store very close to where my DH was visiting; as of this morning, I have it in my hand, Le Fab in blanc :yahoo:
  4. Congrats ! If you get a chance, post your pics in the main forum ! :yes:
  5. Lucky you, love this bag!! I own it in black..
  6. That is GREAT, Im really happy for you. It is a showstopper, for sure! Post some pics?

  7. Congrats on finding it!! :woohoo: I love mine...It's all gold! ;) :love: