Looking for a white Fendi spy bag --- does this look legit to you?

  1. Hey all (and aside from this being my first post), I'm definitely in the market for a white Fendi spy bag... I'd rather see if I can get a used, good-condition bag for considerably less than a brand new one.

    I checked out this auction:
    eBay: Auth Fendi White Nappa Leather Spy Bag (item 130073985616 end time Feb-01-07 22:20:29 PST)

    and so far... it looks pretty good.. I'm tempted to place a bid.

    There is another one going on as well..
    eBay: Large Auth Creme Fendi Spy w/Distressed Nappa Leather (item 270084507428 end time Feb-02-07 18:17:44 PST)

    What do you guys think? I'm not sure if I should buy from eLuxury to get some decent peace of mind instead (but only for like 1k more hah).
  2. You should post this in the "authenticate this" part of the Fendi section ... you will get a much quicker response!
  3. Both of them are fakes-sorry...
  4. Yea, that's what I figured. Unfortunately the bag on eluxury already went :sad:
  5. No No NO

    Never purchase a high priced handbag from an eBay seller who does not have feedback!!

    These sellers are too new.

    Look for a used bag from a reputable seller who has years of eBay experience and many positive feedbacks!!

    DOn't do it!