Looking for a whiskey color wallet

  1. Hi,

    If you know where I can find either a tan or preferably whiskey colored wallet, I would appreciate it.

    My paddy is on it's way and of course, now I need a matching wallet.


  2. They have this fab one at NAP

    it says brown, but I think it is too dark to be the tan, hence would be whiskey :smile:, and they have a great returns policy if you do not like it.
  3. Chloe-Babe, when I use the link, it says it's not valid. I tried to look by searching under Chloe Wallet on their website and it says none found. Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Go to designers, go to Chloe (do not go through the chloe special boutique page), and then look under bags (not accessories!),
    et voila, it is near the bottom of the page!!
  5. Thanks Chloe-Babe and Chicky.

    Chicky your bag looks like the one I just won yesterday. I hope to get it by Monday. I can't wait.
  6. Ohhh you will love it so much, i promise! :yahoo:
    It's a beautiful colour and it really does go with many outfits.:yes:
    Don't forget to post pics!:flowers:
  7. Thanks Chicky, I will. :smile: