Looking for a Waterproof Keepall?

  1. I went by the Tampa (FL) store today and found a waterproof keepall displayed in the window. I asked the friendly SA if it belonged to anyone (thinking surely someone wanted this piece and just hadn't made it in the store yet) and she said no, the store had received enough for those on their waitlist and then some.
    If anyone is interested, it's the Tampa LV at the International Mall (not the one in Saks). If the fall semester didn't start in 3 weeks and $1800 wasn't about to be put to "better" use (like rent and books) I'd snatch it up myself. I thought these would be harder to find? Hope a TPFer grabs it!
  2. The Fashion Valley store had a waterproof bag in, though I'm not sure which one it was. I was looking for an SA I actually knew since there were ones I didn't recognize in there the other day lol.
  3. Thanks for the head's up! I have yet to see one IRL.
  4. Just saw one at the store in "The Piers at Caesar's" in Atlantic City.

    Very cool (and waterproof)!
  5. I would love to get one.
  6. ^^ There's one in Calgary.

    I found that the zipper was VERY hard to open, probably because of the end, there's a piece of rubber to make the zipper waterproof...My SA and I had a hard time opening a bag and I was so afraid I'd break the zipper pull!!
  7. i love the look but for that price I could buy two regular keepalls.
  8. I agree with karman, when I first tried to open it I just decided against muscling it and then watched the SA tug hard on it to open it. It seemed less than ideal, but awesome the look at. Its also alot more expensive than it seems to me it should be. LVobssed is right that you could almost buy 2 keepalls for what it costs for it, its still hot to look at though. On the forums here they said that there was a limited one with the brass plaque on it which I might be more apt to pay a little bit more for but, apparently the inventeur one that is out in most boutiques is either not limited or not as limited, still hawt though.