Looking for a wallet???? Lovcat?

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for a new wallet. I was wondering what you think of the Lovcat line? Is this a good brand? I thought they had some really cute wallets. Any suggestions for a good not to expensive wallet?
    :love: Thanks
  2. Lovcat has some cute stuff. I've looked at it before. It's about the same quality, maybe a tad bit better than Guess. If you have a TJ Maxx or Marshalls in your area, check there b/c they carry Lovcat, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Michael Kors, and Juicy Couture. you can pick up those bags and wallets, sometimes 50% off retail and they are all authentic.
  3. Definately.. I've gotten Coach & Lovcat at Marshalls all under $100.
  4. Lovcat is cute, but I'm iffy on the quality....
  5. I actually got a wallet at wilson's leather today for $11! It use to be $70 but they are having a big sale. I got a suede blazer on top of that :shame: so you might find some wallet there for a great price
  6. I love my Lovecat! Bought it a year ago and haven't used anything else since. It goes with practically all my bags!
  7. I only own one Lovcat bag.. its a pebbled leather tote... and so far the quality is good for what I paid!
  8. Thanks for all your input. I love your wallet shoofetish. I will deffinetly check out wilson's and Marshalls.
  9. Any of you own kate spade wallets? How is the quality?
  10. I saw the nicest MJ wallet cream with off white creamyer stitches. It was beautiful for 375 at the Barneys in NY.
  11. I looooove my lovcat wallet. I bought it a few weeks ago at Nordstrom (had never heard of lovcat before). After I bought it, it began speaking to me..... It said "this DKNY bag is tooooooooo olddddddddd." This was when I started hanging out on purse blogs......

    At first, the lovcat was most intrigued by the Gerard Darel bag.... It would cry "distressed brown leather...."

    Then, knowing it was not strong enough to force me to actually search for this bag, it attacked me directly after walking out of the Coach store..... It said "you love pink suedddddddde...."

    After about four days I broke down and went back to the Coach store and bought the pink suede Soho large hobo. I thought that would be the end, and the lovcat would be silent, but as I was foraging thru the forum this evening, I came across a thread about the Hayden-Harnett Mercer satchel, and the lovcat began whispering again.... It said "this is the perfect fall bagggggggggg....." So I had to order that one as well.

    If I didn't love my lovcat wallet so much, I would drown it.

    Seriously, though, it is a nice wallet.... Nicely constructed, cute interior and exterior. I got the green one with the purses printed on the exterior.
  12. yes, I know what you mean. my lovecat wallet is a little slut. it will go with anything.
  13. I really like them, they are so cute.
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