looking for a wallet for my girlfriend...HELP


have no clue...
Feb 12, 2009
I'm sure you all get these questions all the time...

I'm looking for a wallet for my girlfriend for valentine's day :confused1:

All I know is that she's not that easy to shop for.
She's not really that into the typical brands, that's why she's not easy to shop for.

I'm planning to head over to Melrose in Los Angeles...and plan to just walk around and look for a boutique shop.
Are there any boutique shops in LA that sell nice wallets?

I have no clue about what brands to look at.

I was looking at Paul Smith's line for women...what do you all think?


Ok, maybe not.

Maybe I should just stick to the typical LV, Burberry, Gucci....
Are there any other brands that women would die to have?

I'm probably being a cheap a$$, but planning to spend around $250 ~ $500. I don't really spend $500, but if I have to....:wtf:

Read on a poll here that some women wouldn't want a purse/wallet they couldn't return...so I guess I'll avoid 2nd-hand and stores that don't have a good return policy.

Any ideas?

Oh, here's more info about her:

- she lived in New York for several years and would spend an entire check on purses
- she's fashionable...but likes to be different
- she does own some Chanel bags...and seems to not care for the typical LV stuff
- dresses funky/cool sometimes

Thanks in advance for any help...


Jun 12, 2006
In Lilah's world!
btw, i was the girl that said i would never want something they couldn't return :smile:
and based on the description you gave of your gf, she sounds like me stylewise...


Jul 18, 2006
Go to Nordstroms and let the sales person help you. They have a wonderful selection of all sorts of things, great customer service and easy returns.


Sep 9, 2006
cheap a$$? not at all. i can guarantee you that that is most that what most boyfriends and husbands would be comfortable spending on a wallet.

my favorite is the marc jacobs zip clutch. comes in a dozen pretty colors per season. the cheapest retails for $395, but you can get one for less than that on sale. let us know which one you end up buying for your gf!



Jul 4, 2008
I really love that baleciaga in blue or yellow! I would go to a store and ask a saleswoman for help, especially since you don't have that much time now to get a gift.


Nov 5, 2006
At the Beach!!
I am absolutely obsessed with Paul Smith's women's wallets. Ever since I got one I cannot switch to a different brand. I was in the Paul Smith store in NY yesterday and saw the wallet you posted the link to and it's gorgeous in person! I'd say go for it! Only problem is I don't think you can return to the paul smith store. You can do an exchange though within 30 days. That might be an issue for you. :shrugs: I think she'd love it though! I :heart: the way my swirl stripe wallet looks inside my Rebecca Minkoff purse.

You should totally go to the Paul Smith store in LA they have a great selection of these wallets! :graucho: