looking for a vos crayons white colorway

  1. scarf. Not pocket square, or twilly, just the scarf....

    I want one for my birthday later this month in the white colorway only.
    Has anyone seen it in the stores? Or am I just SOL on this particular item?
  2. oh shoot. i am 99% sure they had it at the sample sale. i had it in my hot little hands too. i might call on monday and see if you can find it if no one bought it at the sale. there is one on eBay though.
  3. I've found the Hermes scarf specialist at Bergdorf Goodman to be very helpful. You might call her. She would probably have access via computer to the stock in the NM stores. Frequently, NM will have obscure, older scarves in hard to find colorways that have been sold out at Hermes for a long time.

    Also, Lynn at the Denver NM knows H scarves cold. She might also be able to help locate it for you. She's worked hard and creatively to find things for me in the past.

    Good luck!
  4. hlfinn- you are 100% right that you saw this scarf at the sale, I saw it too and contemplated it. If it was at the sale, I doubt H retail would still have it. BG or NM sound like a better shot.
  5. hlfinn and olive which store? I will give them a call first thing in the morning!

  6. Sorry it was at the sample (i.e. leftover merchandise) sale that ended last saturday in NY. NM and Bergdorf's are probably your best bet now.
  7. ^^she is a good seller, too. I have bought from her. Good luck!
  8. goodluck