Looking for a travel bag with a flap and a zip-top...

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  1. Hey all! I've searched the archives but didn't find what I'm looking for.

    This summer I'm going to be traveling for three months in Europe. Since most of the time I will be on my own, I need a fairly substantial bag that can carry all my stuff (no partner to help schlep my stuff!).

    Things that I definitely want:

    1. a flap top
    2. a zipper under the flap, for extra security and to prevent my stuff from tumbling out
    3. cross-body (a good-size strap for comfort too)
    4. big enough to hold a Sigg, a camera, and a few other travel items
    Things that would be nice, but not necessary

    1. leather, not nylon (since I will be there forever, I don't want to look like a tourist every time I go out)
    2. no logos or print. I just want a plain, solid color that I can wear everyday. I'm going to try and pack light and only want to bring one bag plus a clutch for going out.
    My budget is ideally under $200, as I would rather spend my money there than on a bag. However, if the bag is fantastic I can probably spend a little more. I've searched and searched, but feel really stuck.

    Thanks in advance my purse forum lovelies!
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    Assuming you're looking after a day bag, I had this same problem.
    I wanted leather crossbody w/ flap under the zipper and did not want a backpack. I was debating a dylan folding tote but I didn't want to spend that much on a bag.

    The RM Beloved you can not find the fullsized one & the mini is too small IMO to schlep stuff all day and also carry purchases etc. And it's an open inside

    A Timbuk2 bag lacks the zipper under the flap and is nylon and screams Tourist or college student.

    I have decided to go with this Bryna Nicole vega hobo bag I already have. It is lacking a flap, but it holds tons, definitely a Sigg & a dslr + extra lense w/ a Bal MU & CP, my CDG wallet, a scarf, my le pliage folded up for extra purchases and my planner. It's not too heavy either. The only downside is that it's a voluminous pit, it does have two slash pockets for stuff (phone etc) & a zipper interior pocket, Plus this wierd outside zip pocket that I keep surgical masks in.
    Museten has it for $495, but I wouldn't (and didn't) pay that much for it, mine was maybe $198-ish.
  3. Why is it so hard to find a bag like this? We can't be the only ones who want a zipper and a flap!

    I do like the Vega, but may have to hold off and see if there is a sale....

    Oooh. That might work. I wish it came in black though.

    I wish! It seems sort of hard to find plus no zipper under the flap. I think I'd rather have a zipper than a flap if it came down to it.
  4. I know you specified leather but I can't think of any "purse" brands off the top of my head within your price range. I have a "murse" from property of... which is waxed cotton and is basically a smaller sized messenger bag for men. They make full-sized messengers as well. The waxed cotton is water resistant and there are zippered internal compartments to keep things like passport and tickets safe.

    What size camera will you be carrying? I have a digital SLR and have very few leather bags that can hold the weight except for my Jas MB leather messenger (but that's above your price range). If you're carrying a smaller digital camera, than it should be much easier to find a leather bag.

    I would actually look at Banana Republic, their price range is really friendly and there's rarely any huge logos on their bags. Tano bags are also in your price range and they have a lot of different styles.

    One more thing to consider is that a leather bag will be heavier even when empty so I still recommend opening your options to non-leather bags. Y-3 bags by Yohji Yamamoto and Mandarina Duck bags are also stylish and very very functional.
  5. Check out a large Rive Gauche by YSL! Chic and functional!
  6. Gestapolollipop, take a look at this messenger-style bag (http://www.briggs-riley.com/category/productDetail.aspx?id=Grow-Expandable-Messenger-Bag_VB411X) from Briggs and Riley. Although it’s not made from leather, it fits all your other requirements. It’s quite large and can be expanded further for extra space that you’ll definitely need traveling around Europe. It has multiple pockets to hold various travel essentials and a padded laptop sleeve, which you can use to keep your camera. The bag has removable shoulder straps for added comfort while carrying and it is within the $200 budget you specified.
  7. How about an Olivia Harris Trapezoid? Satchel and crossbody, zip top and a flap. Has two outside pockets too.
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    I really like this! I think this is perfect for your travel escapade! :nuts:
  9. Check out the Lockheart Giselle, I have 2! It is my favorite travel bag. You can wear it cross body or as a shoulder bag, and you can take off whatever strap you aren't using to lighten the bag. It has a flap with a zip and tons of outside pockets for your cellie, passport, train tickets etc or whatever you need to travel with. It is also great to pack because it can be really flat...oh yeah it also has an expandable gusset-LOVE!

  10. FWIW, if you're going to be doing the tourist thing day after day after day in warm weather, I'd go for a canvas or nylon bag. As lovely as leather is, it is heavier than cloth. It may not seem like much, but into your 3rd week of 10hr days of walking around, your shoulder is going to hurt.
  11. How about one of sketchbook's commuter bags? You could ask her to custom-make it in a size smaller than the one shown in this pic: