Looking for a toy from the 90's, can't remember the name...

  1. This is a bit of an odd request, but I remember in the late 90's, a toy/craft where you would recieve "dirty gems", which you would put in a funny looking container, add a "solution", shake them, and then you'd end up with some shiny plastic jewels? A friend of mine remebers this from when she and I were younger, and always wanted to see if it was still availible....does anyone have any idea what Iim talking about? :confused1: :s
  2. I've never heard of that, but there's such a thing as rock tumblers. You get little rocks, put them in a tumbler, keep adding solution, and you end up with shiny, colored stones.
  3. Yes, I know rock tumblers...this was like that, but geared to children, i.e. no electric, and plastic little kiddie stones...:shame: . Thanks for the help though, caitlin!!!
  4. Oh, crap! I remember this toy, too! I'll think on it for a little while, see if I can remember the name.
  5. !!!!!!:yahoo: I hope you remember, everyone seems to go, "oh, that, now, hmmm...whats its name??":Push:
  6. Ooh I always wanted those. They looked so fun on the commercials..
  7. Eh, you didn't miss much :P . The fun kind of ended once the plastic stones were revealed, since I don't think any child in their right mind would truly want to wear the gaudy jewelry you could make from them:P . I always just played with the stones (and by "played" I mean looked at how shiny the plastic was as I held the stones in my hand:P ).
  8. Ooh I remember playing with these!! :biggrin: The only thing I remember about it was that the container was purple.
  9. wow!!!!!!
  10. Things like this always make me wonder how we survived before the Internet. Who knew you'd not only get the name of a game, but also see the original commercial!

    I can still hear my parents in my head .... "how silly. What happens after you clean all the rocks?"...of course, they were right.
  11. I love old toys.

    OT, but anyone remember Pretty Pretty Princess? ... or those flowers that you could make out of scented paper? hahaha..
  12. Pretty Pretty Princess was GREAT!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao: I love thinking back to the good 'ole' days! :girlsigh:
  13. treasure rocks! i remember those. i LOVEEEE tumbling them in the container and then seeing what pretty gems I get. Hmm I wonder what happened to all of mine's.

    Megs - pretty, pretty princess was great!!