Looking for a tote.

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  1. i have an executive/cerf that i love love. I am looking for an shoulder bag that fit's a bunch i cant seem to find anything maybe i am missing something. I tried the GST but it's to small
  2. Sorry cant help you..But didnt want you to think you where on your own...!!! It can be lonely here....!
  3. What about the Chanel Caviar 31 tote? It holds a lot of stuff and comes in black brown and navy. There's also the Chic & Glitter patent tote. HTH!! :smile:
  4. Thank you all ladies!

    I think the on the road tote looks cute but i have a neverfull by vuitton and the big open top makes me nervous. The ultimate soft an diamond stitch are not really my style.

    I keind of like this fall winter 2010 large tote does anyone have pricing info on it or a name i can't seem to find anything about her.

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  5. Let me preface what I'm going to say by stating I am not attempting to do a sale.

    I own a black lamb Chanel shoulder/tote that has the reissue chain. It came out in the early 90s before the reissue flap was "reissued". The interior has a snap out coin purse. The interior lining is red, very red --think Chinese red versus burgundy. It is quilted but in a different fashion than flaps. There is a diamond pattern but rather than one stitch around the diamond there are two which are approx. 1/8 in apart and the look is different (hard to explain). It zips across the top but the zipper is recessed between the front and back panel. It holds more than a m/l flap but I can't compare to jumbo because they're too heavy for me. It was more expensive than the flaps.

    The odd thing is whenever I would see one on the "bay" the picture doesn't really pull you because the listing pics are small. Keep your eye out because I have seen listed occasionally.
  6. OP---the bag that you posted is not out yet I don't believe---its part of the Coco Casual line from Fall Act 2 which has not fully shipped. I'm not sure of the price because as far as I know Saks is not getting this bag. HTH!
  7. the tote is around SGD4650 (so probably 30% less in Europe).
  8. SAbine...what is that bag called???LOVES!
  9. i am not sure. On the chanel site it's listed as large tote. It is from this fall/winter collection