looking for a Tomato Day

  1. I'm looking for a Tomato Day (regular hardware) and have checked all the online stores and called Aloha and BALNY. None of them have it... :sad: I would really like a Tomato Day -- I know I'm late... Been kicking myself for not getting it in the winter. :cursing: Has anyone seen a Tomato Day in stores? (I know there's 1 on eBay but I really don't want to buy from eBay).

    Thank you very much!
  2. Hi Jira:

    I believe I saw a red (i think tomato) Day at Neiman Marcus San Francisco last Thursday. Please try calling 415 362 3900, designer handbags. Michelle P helped me, she was very nice. I hope they still have it! If not, she may be able to find one by calling other NM stores.

    Good luck! Liz
  3. Jira...I know you don't want to go the E-Bay route, but I HAVE to say the one on E-Bay looks gorgeous and authentic! (No, it's not mine and I don't know the seller, but she IS aPF'er) Sorry...probably no help, but just in case!

    Good luck!
  4. Jira, The ebay one really look Gorgeous!!! :drool: If only I have lots of spare cash, I would buy that in a jiffy!!!
  5. So would I! Rouge VIF used to be my fav red... but Tomato is really really stunning.

    Although, I havent seen it IRL, it looks soooo vibrant!
  6. fashion-cult, ^ I love Tomato over Rouge Vif too!!! I really hope the Tomato day gets to go home to a great mummy. I am thinking Jo but don't think she likes Tomato like us.
  7. I saw this one, too, and was really attracted to the price :p. But I don't think it's a "Tomato" because the last three numbers on the tag are 214 and I've been amassing Tomato tags (to make sure when my own bag gets to me that it is indeed a Tomato, not Vermillion) and all the Tomato tags have 637. I think this eBay one might be a Vermillion...
  8. THANK YOU melovepurse, maggien, fashion-cult, pinkboudoir, Z&J for all your help!! I just wanted to let you know that I finally found a Tomato (well, hopefully, we'll see) at BALNY!!! Thanks again!!!

    And even if that *bay one isn't a Tomato, it's still a pretty good deal for a brand new day. Hopefully it'll go home to a PFer.
  9. LOL F! It's true, I had my eye on RV instead, but as you already know that disappeared. I then took a second look at Tomato and decided it's just as yummy.. and it's a true red with no undertones at all, so even though I prefer RV which has blue undertones, I would rather get a red with no undertones, than one with orange undertones!
    Anyway the more I look at Tomato the more I'm in :heart:. Can't wait for it to get here!
  10. I cant wait to see it! I had a Rouge VIF City in the past.

    Lovely colour, but Tomato has really 'wowed' me and I havent even seen it IRL.
  11. :p I'm waiting for my Tomato to get here as well!! Go Tomatoes!!
  12. ^Post your Tomato when she gets there, Jira!! Yours will reach you first as I'm waiting for international mail!
  13. Jo & Jira, I cannot wait to see your Tomatoes. :party:
  14. Rather than start a new post, I was wondering if anyone has spotted another Tomato RH Day stateside? I don't want to call everywhere, seeing as how I'm in Italy and it would cost a fortune. But if anyone spots one, let me know! BalNY only has one cruddy one left that my SA described as horrible.