Looking for a Tomato Day GSH....

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  1. Am new to Balenciaga but am drooling over the Tomato Day GSH I have seen posted on one of the threads.....does anyone know if there is one in stock anywhere? Thanks for the help!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Can't help but that is one AMAZING combination! When I saw that in the day thread I almost fell off my chair. Good luck finding one.
  3. That is from Fall. You might call Bal NY or Bal LA. I have heard they sometimes have bags in the back. Otherwise, you can check RDC or AFF if you don't want to risk fleabay.

    You also might look at the new color, vermillion or coral. Despite the color name, I have seen it and it is a nice, bright warm red.
  4. I saw one GSH RED in short hills mall, NJ last night. not sure if it is city or day. I remember it has shoulder strap. could be city.
  5. There's one on *bay!
  6. Lucky you, psaseattle, there's one on the bay!
  7. and its from a FABBBBULOUS tPF'er too!
  8. Bal NY is out of Tomato GSH City.
  9. I am excited - I just contacted the tPFr selling the tomato. only bummer is that she wants 1350 for it....thats a little more than i was planning to spend (especially since i just bought TWO new days in 3 days!!!!!). thoughts on that price?
  10. Since this is a live auction, I don't think we're allowed to discuss this. See the thread that hmwe closed in the main Bal forum.
  11. :true::closed:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.