Looking for a Tomato City

  1. I'm typically a Chanel or LV girl, but have been thinking about getting back to Balenciaga - I had and sold a Black first and Twiggy. I'm thinking that a Tomato city would be a great welcome back bag - are these still in stores now?
  2. I am not sure if you can still find one but I would try if I were you. I got an ink city (by miraculous circumstances) BNWT long after they were out of stores. I know a lot of people were looking for the tomato city.
  3. I think that Bridget S. posted a couple of months ago that there were Tomato Cities at the Saks Boca Raton, FL location. I'm not sure if they would still be there, but it might be worth a shot. If you call, you may want to ask for Debbie - she is very nice to work with and also knowledge about Bal :tup:!!
  4. Thanks for the replies! I think I found one at the Saks in New Orleans - should be here by Wed or Thurs. :yahoo::yahoo:
  5. ^^I'm so glad you found one!! Post pics when it comes!!
  6. Awwww congrats! Can't wait to see her!!