Looking for a tano buxom buddy

  1. Hello.
    Does anyone know where I could find a tano buxom buddy in tobacco??
  2. Well, I know this probably doesn't help, but www.thatsourbag.com still has one in Amazon Green.....for $200.....
    Then I know you could get a white one from www.biancaroseshoes.com for $189
    And then there's a crunch leather one from www.irvsluggage.com

    I know it's not what you had asked, but believe me, it's been a hard going.....:police:
  3. My dad's wife (step-mother, I know...but I'm almost 40 and that sounds dumb to me haha) saw my drizzle grey Buxom Buddy this weekend and went nuts for it. Then my dad called and asked if I could get my hands on another so he could buy it for Valentine's Day for her. I told him we'd be really lucky to find one....

    Good luck.....if you find one in drizzle grey let me know! hehe
  4. nevermind! It's out of stock :sad:
  5. Hey yeah!!! That's so cute to sit it sitting there on the stairs with all kinds of other purse buddies!!! (see it where it says 'see on a model')....
  6. dont know why anthro doesnt give tano credit for the bags or use their real names. They have a bunch of tano bags on their site and you would never know it unless you buy one. (Then you would see the huge TANO label when you open the bag!) On the other hand, they give credit to HH for their bags. Go figure!
  7. ^Yup. When I saw it in the store I thought it looked familiar, so I HAD to look inside. Sure enough, I saw the giant TANO tag =) If it's any consolation, it's not just Tano they do it to. Only some names get recognition, like HH, Cynthia Rowley and Orla Kiely. All others are mysteries. I've seen uncredited Ananas and Moni Moni bags online, too.
  8. That's the dumbest damb thing I've seen in a while!
  9. There's on on eBay right now, actually two, one in Amazon green and one in tobacacco.
  10. I would love to find the buxom buddy in grey. Has anyone seen one anywhere lately? The grey is not one of the spring colors. Maybe they will bring it back for Fall.
  11. Well hopefully they will. Otherwise unless you see one on eBay, they're LOOOONNNG gone....:tdown:
  12. I've seen this with Tashkent by Cheyenne shoes! Has anyone noticed that the product is usually less expensive than the original? Does this mean they just sell the design of the product?
  13. I dont understand what you mean ^^^

    But Anthro sells Tano bags a little bit higher than the suggested retail prices and they dont list them as being made by Tano.

    New buxom buddies are coming in mid april if you can hold out until then, you can get the new fudgesickle or winter white colors. :tup:
  14. ^Tano expert, are you saying that the spring Buxom Buddies will be made of the Crunch leather???