Looking for a Tano bag in Toronto? I found some?

  1. I am not sure how useful this info will be for the people here. But I have found a place that sells Tano bags with a reasonable markup (considering that if you order it from the states you have to pay for the extra shipping and duties, my guess is that buying at this store would cost about the same).

    I went to Bayview Village (Bayview and Sheppard), hoping maybe I can find some Gerard Darel items and I went into this store called Magi Accessories (not Magi Jewerely) and they sell Cynthia Rowley, Isabella Fiore, Un Apres-Midi de Chien and Tano.

    The bags are out in display right when you enter into the store and they have the Suzy Hotrod (low 300s), Boogie Bucket (200 something, I think 235), Truffle (200 something), Minilisa (I forgot the price), Depeche (I don't know the price cuz I didn't pick it up), and probably a few more styles.. but I didn't look at all of them. I am sorry but I forgot the prices - but nothing over 300 except for the Suzy Hotrod.

    So for those who want to order a Tano but want to take a look at it first before you order online - we now have a place to play around with the bags before we decide.

    Hope this is helpful!
  2. Ten,

    You asked a while back and I mentioned there's a store on Dupont Street that sells Tanos. They're heavily marked up but at least you can check out the bags in person. Last time I looked they had the Sexbomb in Cobalt.

    The store is called Basia.
    161 Dupont St
    416-977-9442 and toll free 1-888-282-0652.
    website: basiadesign.com

  3. Hey Jade

    Yeah I remember you telling me about that place on Dupont. I wrote you a reply on that thread, but it was one of those days when the forum was really slow and messages wasn't loading properly - I think it got an error and I forgot about it. Sorry that I didn't follow up.

    The problem is I don't live right downtown and it is really hard for me to get to that area. But I will definitely check it out once I figure out how to get there without using a car!