Looking for a Talia- help!!!

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  1. I recently place an order for a talia in white and it got cancelled :crybaby:I'm looking for one on sale in the $200-$350 range. Please help!!
  2. #2 Aug 9, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2008
    ^ That stinks that your order was cancelled. Hmm...you might wanna check eBay...there is a pretty one in Black listed in your price range. Hope you find one, I LOVE the Talias!
  3. There is a white Talia at plazatoo.com for $219.00. 65% off.


    Not sure if this is where your order was canceled from, so just as a backup, there is also a white talia at Luna Boston on sale for $445 but you can also get 20% off with a coupon - Grechen. it could be restricted on Koobas though - doesn't hurt to try! :yes:
  4. Ah thanks! Yes that's where my order was cancelled from. It won't let me add it to my shopping cart. I'm going to keep the link though and keep trying! Thanks :smile:
  5. I got the bow wallet. Nice price.
  6. From?
  7. plaza too. It will match the elisha nicely.
  8. They are gone now. I hope you got one.
  9. It's funny. I checked plazatoo before I posted the message asking you where you got it from. Then when you replied I went back and was able to find it - but only through doing a search. I DID order it - but am not holding my breath. Plazatoo cancels orders quite frequently. I'm happy to at least have a shot at it. It's a beautiful wallet and a ridiculous price. Thanks for the post!
  10. I see it is back listed on sale now. They are quite fickled. I hope you get one. I could not pass up such a low price on a cute Kooba wallet. Mine is suppose to be delivered today.
  11. Hiii ..Im most positive I saw the Talia in white on Kooba.com
  12. luna boston has the talia in white for I think $325? and they have it in pink also.
  13. I just ordered the wallet also. But I guess I shouldnt be to happy yet huh? Nice price and cute wallet. After I ordered it is not showing up now!
  14. My order for that bow wallet at plazatoo got cancelled last week. They said they have no more anywhere but it was still available to order on the website. Really frustrating.
  15. I just got the old canceled email from plazatoo. Why do they still have it up to order if they dont have any. :cursing: