Looking for a sunglass

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  1. would any of you kind ladies show me a few pictures of what you think would look good on men? thanks :tup:
  2. I would post this in another section such as the wardrobe...so more people will see it!
  3. this is the DEALS & STEALS FOrum. . . I'll move to the Wardrobe for you.
  4. My Hubby has a nice pair of D&G sunglasses, They are black and have D&G in Chrome on the sides.... I dont have any pics of them but they have a nice selection of mens sunglasses.
  5. Don't have any pictures but I like the metal framed aviator style that Brad Pitt gets photographed in a lot.
  6. Brad Pitt wears Dita sunglasses.

    I'm a guy, and I go for dVb aviators/visors/oversized shades and Gucci shades - all of them don't have the brand name screaming out to the world..
  7. visit louisvuitton.com and choose collection and then men. Next click sunglasses and voila!
  8. The picture on the left and in the middle is the same model (Prada 50HS) and the one of the right is a bigger version of that (Prada 65HS).

    50HS 58-12-135
    65HS 61-14-135

    which should i pick? i find the 50hs better
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