Looking for a stylish "Green" or Eco-friendly themed type bag....

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  1. I am looking for a bag that is stylish and not like a grocery bag for my dear friend who is really into recycling and living "green". If the "I'm not a plastic bags" by AH were still available, they would be perfect for her.....surely there must be some other trendy bags that one can use on a daily basis and not have the appearance of a burlap sack....any suggestions would be great !! TIA !!
  2. The bags from Trader Joes are really cute, theyre about $10-$15 each and always have cute prints. My boss carries her "working late" sweats to the office in one and people always think its a purse. Plus they are normally laminated canvas so they are sturdy and easy to clean. I have a plain green one and people always ask if its a patent tote. Haha!
  3. May I ask what the budget is ? :smile:

    I would suggest you look at Etsy as one source - there are a number of sellers there doing excellent work:

    This seller, TabGoesLive, uses "Sunbrella performance fabrics (certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute)" - which sounds interesting (although I have actually no clue what it really is :smile:)









  4. I have to throw in that I saw some today at Shoprite that werent super cute or anything, but they say "I used to be a plastic bag" on them and are made from recycled bags that you bring back to the store and dump in a tub. So funny.
  5. Thanks everyone for the links and suggestions.....
    I don't have any particular budget in mind.
    The Salvation Saks would be perfect, unfortunately the majority of the ones are sold out....
    Oh, and there is no trader joe's in my state, unfortunately.
    Feel free to list more !! Thank you !
  6. Might I suggest that you try Matt & Nat bags......they're really very nice and eco-friendly! www.mattandnat.com

    Their website is cute, too! I've seen their bags at the Bell Tower Shops in Ft. Myers at Trader Rick's.
  7. Im sorry, but are you looking for a cute eco friendly grocery bag, or a cute eco friendly purse? I think I got confused.
  8. Sundance catatlog has Big Splash Tote for 30.00 which has some neat designs on the front.
  9. I love Matt & Nat purses too! They are really well made and stylish. They have a couple purses right now at Luna Boston that are made from recycled water bottles! so cute:


  10. I saw a whole bunch of nice ones in Loehmann's in NY
  11. Matt & Nat bags are very nice! :yes: There are many kinds of fabrics, including nice faux leather.
  12. Stella McCartney makes bags that look like leather but are not made from any animal materials...for vegetarians and those against killing animals.
  13. Check out this site,stylish and different,they are good quality www.joannalacey.etsy.com