Looking for a Stella

  1. I am on the hunt for a Stella. Would like it in brown or black. Any suggestions? I live in Southern CA. TIA!
  2. NM recently discounted Black & White Limited Edition Stella, however, most of them have sold out already. Are you comfortable with buying items on ebay? There's a Black Stella with pushlocks, members who bought from this seller said that the stuffs are authentic, check it out. =)
    eBay: NWT MARC JACOBS STELLA SHOULDER TOTE PURSE LEATHER BAG (item 220011214921 end time Aug-02-06 20:16:50 PDT)

    This bag is "gently used". Does it appear to be fake? I am still learning to tell the genuine from the fake. And ebay seems to have A LOT of fakes. Thanks!
  4. that should really go to the authentication forum... but IMO, that's a fake because the shape is too boxy. Needs to be more curved in on the sides. In general it just doesn't look right, maybe because of the angle... I would stay away, esp bc the seller purchased the bag off ebay too. Looks like someone has requested additional photos of the hardware, maybe that will be enlightening.

    This site is very helpful:
    eBay View About Me for vogue1966
  5. I suggest waiting for additional Stellas to pop up on ebay. =) Don't rush into buying (no chance for regrets since it's mostly final sale), wait for a listing that looks authentic. Start bidding when you are absolutely comfortable only.