Looking for a Stella LE in black

  1. Hey all... if anyone happens to see a Limited Edition Stella in black with the antique brass buckles on ebay.. or anywhere else.. please let me know.

    There was one recently, but I lost the auction by ten bucks.

    I check everyday, but who knows, maybe one slips by or somethign.. I dunno, the more eyes I have out there looking, the easier I can find one? :graucho:

    Keep me in mind, ladies!
  2. I returned one to the NM in Minneapolis last Tuesday (8/1) - you could call there to check if they still have it.
  3. Yes, definitely check NM. I saw one there as recently as April.
  4. Thanks, I'll check!
  5. The bags were on sale at NM...maybe you can get a "nice" SA to help you.
  6. :yes: Yeah, I saw a couple on sale at NM Coply Place, Boston. Best wishes on your search, Luna! :heart:
  7. Haha.. Yes, that's the one I bid on.

    Does anyone know how much it was on sale for at NM?
  8. Ooops....Sorry...I just copied the link from a recent thread, I didn't check before posting. Hopefully, Luna can find 1 from NM without having to take the ebay route.
  9. I hope to find one any way... LOL.. I just didnt know that some were still available through NM

    Arrrgh. Just makes me mad I almost won that stupid auction. :crybaby:
  10. I think they were in the $525-$575 ballpark, possibly less with various additional discounts?
  11. Omg.. I want.
  12. Haha... what other various additional discounts would there be Sick4marc?
  13. NM had several rounds of markdowns. Stella & Sophia were initially reduced to $821 and $721 (right?), respectively. Then NM offered an extra 25% off on sale items. Most recently, Sophia was marked down to low $400 so Stella should be a little bit higher (probably around auction price). Because of the deep discounts, they are extremely hard to find at NM now (flew off the sale tables already).

    Sorry to hear that you lost, the winning bidder must be an experienced gal with biddings.