looking for a stam.

  1. Hi. I am new here.
    I am from Malaysia and currently keeping my eye on a stam. In Malaysia it is selling at USD2300 which is so much more expensive than any where else.
    May I know how much it is in your country?

    Is there any way I can get a brand new one from any site? Most of them don't ship to Asia.
    Anyone can please advice on this please? :p
  2. In Singapore, Marc Jacobs' bags are sold in Club 21 boutique at the Four Seasons Hotel. Limited range is also available in Takashimaya under On Pedder.

    Club 21 are selling their quilted Stams at S$2899 (US$1900). Patchwork Stams are at S$3099 (US$2030).

    Net-a-Porter do ship to Singapore (I'm not sure about Malaysia) and it's cheaper much to S$700, not including shipping.

    I like the Stams too and will probably get one from Club 21 in Singapore - don't like the hassle of buying online as I need to feel and touch the bag before buying!

    Good luck to your hunt. Do remember to let us know once you acquire a Stam, with pics too!
  3. Thanks for your useful info. I am wondering why they price it so high here in Malaysia. It's been sold out. Priced at RM7999. Net-a-Portal does ship to Malaysia but I have never tried online shopping. Luv the white and the baby blue.
    After u get one don't forget to put up the pic of it.
    Besides Marc Jacobs, what else do you like? I recently fell in love with Mulberry bayswater. Just got a tooled one already burnt me a hole in my pocket : )
  4. Yeee, I love Bottega, Tod's and Mulberry. I happened to see the Marc Jacob Ines and promptly fell in love with it. Then I came to this site to investigate further, and my love for MJ bags just grew with every pic I see posted here!
  5. in the usa the regular quilted stam goesfor $1275, the patchwork for $1350, the metallic for $1475 or so.
  6. if you know someone here you can ask them to buy one and ship to asia, i have done this for someone before, and it would save you almost a 1000$, just go to your store and feel the one you like, give the person the color you want they will get the bag and send it to you, you can do it in escrow, i think.
  7. I was thinking of that too but I do not have any friend in US : (
  8. Call NM, Saks or a big departmental store. They do mail orders. You can't order online but I believe they will accept intl orders over the phone.

    The other alternative is to buy it thru www.net-a-porter.com

    That's how I got mine. Good luck!