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  1. I read this book about a year ago, really enjoyed it. I want to read it again but i cant remember the author or title. I was really hoping i could describe it and someone would recognize it. The author was from the middle east? The book has been described as being similar to harry potter and i think it had a plain orange cover. The book was a fairy tale/fantasy type. It was about a boy whose dad always told him stories. The boy gets like transported to a like fantasy land and eventually the dad gets there too. Theres a bad side who is trying to kill stories and at the end theres a battle. Sound familiar to anyone?? Please!
  2. Inkheart?
  3. No. Inkheart has girl as a main character, but otherwise the story line is very similar.
  4. Lemony Snicket?
  5. Aw thanks guys but none of those! The charcters had middle eastern names not sure if that helps.. Haha
  6. Never ending story would have been my guess. Have you tried talking to the owner of your local book store or asking a librarian? They can be very helpful.
  7. I didn't read it, but Life of Pi?
  8. You could trying asking on, you'll access a larger group of readers
  9. Throne of the Crescent Moon?
  10. From how you describe it, I wonder if it's from a Thousand and One Nights...