Looking for a smaller everyday bag... Hayden Harnett?

  1. So, I have plenty of nice, roomy bags/totes, but now I'm looking for a shoulder bag that I can use on days when I'm not carrying so much stuff (and when I want to give my arms/shoulders/back a break!). Being able to dress it up/down is desirable.

    I recently bought a big bag from Hayden Harnett (the Ibiza flight tote - it's HUGE!), and I LOVE the soft leather. So now that I want something small-ish, I'm thinking either the Lorca (demi or luxe?) or the Mercer Clutch. Most likely in black, just so it's classic and matches everything.

    Your thoughts?
    lorca_blk_med.jpg lorcaw_blk_med.jpg clutch_blk_med.jpg
  2. Those are fabulous. I love the second one.
  3. Let's try showing the pics in the actual post...

    Lorca demi flap in Black:


    Lorca luxe (woven flap) in Black:

    Mercer Clutch in Black:

    Which one should I get?
  4. I'm a fan of the first and the last one... very very nice!!
  5. 2nd one ^^
    Lorca luxe (woven flap) in Black :biggrin:
  6. I love the first one!
  7. loooooove the 1st one!
  8. Another vote for 1st one :yes:
  9. I asked Santa for the first one. Really like it!! :yes:
  10. Thanks for your responses!

    I just looked at the measurements, and the Lorca is bigger than I thought (it's 14" long, while the Mercer clutch is 12" long)... not sure if that will look good on me (I'm 5' 2"). Anyone happen to have pictures modeling the Lorca on a shorter person like myself?
  11. i'm in love with the mercer clutch...the style is so unique in my opinion...i asked for it for xmas, and i can't wait!!!!
  12. Love them all; however, if I were getting one I'd get the mercer because it's the smallest (I already have a couple of big bags) and it can be worn two ways.
  13. Thanks, everyone!

    I've decided to keep looking... after seeing the pics up close, I'm not so hot on the contrast-stitching, esp on a black bag. The search continues...